Tourist Attractions In Colorado

Colorado is among the best U.S. states for travel and vacation enjoyment. With some of the finest mountain ranges in U.S., Colorado tourism has flourished over the years. The state has many tourist attractions that appeal to every visitor’s varying tastes and needs. Whether it’s family fun at historic Old Town Square in downtown Denver or an adventure at Mountain Air Adventure Park near Broomfield, Colorado Springs and Rocky Mountain National Park, there’s always something to do at Colorado tourist attractions. Here are just some of the top Colorado tourist attractions that you must not miss.

Points To Note About Denver

Denver’s historic Old Town Square is one of the most fascinating places to see in Colorado. A testament to Denver’s rich African-American history, Old Town Square is also home to a world class market, movie theater and a food paradise. Take a stroll through the streets featuring quirky shops, quirky eateries and historic landmarks. Activities near the square include shopping, horseback riding and the beloved Power Staircase; take a day trip to the Westennial Exposition Site and the Pepsi Stage, which was the venue for the world war ii aviation exhibition. The famous Cherry Creek Theatre is also nearby for those who want to catch a movie.

Another popular Colorado tourist attractions is the popular mountain west resort towns of Glenwood Springs, Pikes Peak and Durango. Glenwood Springs features a myriad of hot springs and spas that attract thousands of visitors annually. Pikes Peak, with its world class ski resorts and shopping malls, draws in mountain bikers from all over the world. Durango offers a variety of outdoor adventures, ranging from backwoods hiking to white water rafting and white gold golf.

Finding An Site To See

For those who enjoy outdoor recreation year-round, Rocky Mountain National Park is near many popular Colorado tourist attractions. It is a favorite among outdoor sports enthusiasts and honeymooners. Many cyclists find it to be one of the best places in the country to cycle. Other popular activities include winter skiing and snowmobiling, mountain climbing, dog sledding, snowshoeing and more. There are several other areas of interest in the area, including trout ponds and springs.

Of all the Colorado tourist attractions, Rocky Mountain National Park is considered the crown jewel of the state. Vacationers come here to experience mountain wilderness and natural beauty. There are dozens of attractions to see and do in Rocky Mountain National Park, some of which can’t be reached by automobile. One example is the Seven-Mile Wilderness, which is only accessible by hiking trails. Other Colorado attractions in the Rocky Mountains region include Breckenridge Ski Resort and Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, both of which can only be reached by way of hiking or bike trails.

Additional Attractions

Several other Colorado attractions can be found in the vicinity of the city of Golden. The Denver Museum of Fine Arts features an unparalleled collection of contemporary art. In addition, the Museum also houses an outdoor art gallery where you can view works from all over the world. A number of Denver’s top film makers also have studios in the Denver area. These include movies such as “E.T.” (Spielberg Entertainment), “Chariots Of Fire” (MGM Studios), “psycho” (Warner Bros. Pictures) and more.