Day 2 Pcr Test: All You Need To Know When Traveling

People love to travel! It is always a reward for our never-ending effort, obligations, and tasks. We’ve all earned a vacation, especially now that we have been prohibited from leaving the house for months due to lockdown ! 

However, we should be mindful of our current circumstances. You should have a day 2 PCR test when you arrive. The pandemic is still ongoing, and it is therefore important that we all pay our part in order to ensure that we can continue to take precautions in order to protect others. 

What Is A Pcr Test?

The presence or absence of these duplicated sequences in the day 2 PCR test may then be used to identify a patient’s identity negatively. The genetic material of COVID-19 comprises Ribonucleic Acid, which is a more fragile type of DNA than Deoxyribonucleic Acid.

On the second day of their stay during their trip, all fully vaccinated passengers from non-red list countries must get a Covid-19 test. The new travel regulations do not require Day 8 Covid testing for those who have been fully vaccinated and are returning from non-red-list countries, but the UK’s coronavirus return travel restrictions do.

When Should I Do The  Day 2 Pcr Test?

Travelers returning to Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, or Wales may take the day 2 PCR test within two days of their arrival, albeit this is not always possible. Passengers arriving in England from countries not on the UK’s red list may now enter the nation using a Covid-19 lateral flow test (LFT) rather than a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test.

How Much Does A Day 2 Pcr Test Cost, And Where Can I Get One?

You must provide documentation that you have scheduled a Day 2 PCR test with a competent provider when returning to the UK after a vacation abroad.  These tests can be booked online and completed at covid testing locations throughout the UK. 

You should schedule your Covid-19 Day Two test using the UK Government’s list of commercial test providers in the UK. On average , these kinds of tests typically start from around £30

There are designated private testing centres located at major airports across the UK as well as separate testing centres.

Certain Regulations Must Be Obeyed When Visiting The UK

Passengers who have had all of their vaccinations and are traveling to the United Kingdom are still required to do a covid test if arriving from certain countries.  People from , the European Union, the United States, and dozens of other countries, including Brazil, Hong Kong, India, Pakistan, South Africa, and Turkey.

The travel restrictions apply to anybody who is travelling from one of these nations, regardless of vaccination status. Two days after arrival in the United Kingdom, fully vaccinated passengers must undergo a lateral flow test.


The UK government requires travellers to undergo a Day 2 PCR test on their second day in the nation. This a standard requirement in order to ensure the  protection of people within the country and other passengers.

By planning your tests well in advance, and following local health guidelines you should be able to continue your travels with minimal disruptions or issues.