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Welcome to the official website for the Colorado Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans, a Southern heritage organization devoted to preserving the memory and deeds of our Southern fathers who fought in the War for Southern Independence.

The Colorado Division of the SCV is the State Headquarters for the Sons of Confederate Veterans and all camps within the state report to the Colorado Division’s Headquarters Command. It was granted Provisional Division status in June 8, 1998 and full Divisional status on September 22, 2000.

There are currently six SCV Camps in the State of Colorado with over 80 members and 2 cadets. Active camps include President Jefferson Davis Camp 175 in Colorado Springs, General Sterling Price Camp 636 in Denver, Joseph Oliver Russell Camp 1492 in Grand Junction, Colonel Abram Fulkerson Camp 2104 in Greeley, Gov. Charles S. Thomas Camp 2126 in Grand Junction and the Private George Dudley Lee’s Escort 39th VA Cavalry Battalion in Grand Junction.

Confederate History in Colorado

Many Confederate soldiers formed into militia groups during the War for Southern Independence in Colorado. They include: Fairplay Unit, Leadville Unit, Denver Unit, and Maces Hole. Col John Heffiner was the highest ranking Confederate to operate in the state. He and his officers were forming a regiment at Maces Hole in 1862, until broken up by Federals from Ft. Garland. The Reynolds Gang operated in South Park in 1864. Col. In 1939, the 49th National Reunion of the United Confederate Veterans (UCV) was held in Trinidad, Colorado with over 5,000 veterans attending. Also represented were the SCV, the United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC) and the Military order of the Stars and Bars (MOSB).

SCV History in Colorado

Jefferson Davis Camp Number 175 was organized on May 22nd, 1900 in Colorado Springs and chartered on May 31st, 1900 by the United Sons of Confederate Veterans. It was the first camp formed within the Colorado Division of the Department of the Trans-Mississippi and had 21 members. Joseph D. Showalter was elected as Camp Commander, Daniel P. Ottenheimer as Adjutant, and L.M. Duncan as Chaplain.

The camp’s organizing official was Walter R. Kivett and its official sponsor was Mrs. Margaret Howell Jefferson Davis Hayes, a Colorado Springs resident and the daughter of former Confederate States of America President Jefferson Davis. Mr. Kivett later served as Camp Commander. The camp grew quickly and had 110 members by 1904.

Colorado Camp History

Jefferson Davis Camp 175: Organized May 22, 1900
Colorado Springs, CO Chartered May 31, 1900
Commander: Joseph D. Showalter
Adjutant: Daniel P. Ottenheimer
Chaplain: L.M. Duncan
21 Members
Re-Chartered: May 15, 2003
Commander: Marc Hollingsworth
Lt. Commander: John E. Poole
Adjutant: Michael Moore
Chaplain: William A. Boardman

Sterling Price Camp 676: Chartered March 29, 1912
Denver, CO Commander: H.W. Lowrie
5 Members
Re-chartered March 30, 1998

Joseph Oliver Russell: Chartered July 17, 1989 in Ft. Collins
Camp 1492 Denver, CO Re-chartered in 2009 in Denver
Transferred to Grand Junction on January 22, 2013

Abram Fulkerson Camp 2104: Chartered March 28, 2006
Greeley, CO Commander: Terry M. Wabnitz
Lt. Commander: John T. Shinkle
Adjutant: Terry M. Wabnitz
Historian: Charles Miller
Color Sergeant: Adrian S. Calder

Gov. Charles S. Thomas Camp 2126: Chartered May 8, 2007
Grand Junction, CO Commander: Gary E. Parrot
Lt. Commander: Michael E. Parrot
Adjutant: Garry W. Brewer
Quartermaster: Mark E. Brewer
Judge Advocate: Eugene H. Parrot, Sr.
Surgeon: Spenser W. Brewer
Color Sergeant: Jared B.G. Brewer
Chaplain: Eugene H. Parrot, Jr.

Private George Dudley Lee’s Escort 39th VA Cav Bn.
Chartered March 18, 2013 Grand Junction, CO.
Commander: Ken Garrison
Adjutant: Jerry Hunsinger

Pvt. William T. Bridwell Camp 2020: Chartered: May 1, 2003
The Greenwood Guards Deactivated in 2007
Canon City, CO
(Camp is no longer active)

Col. George Madison Camp 1205: Chartered: February 4, 2000
Colorado Springs, CO Deactivated in 2005
(Camp is no longer active)

SCV Projects and Activities

• Confederate Veteran grave identification and headstone restoration
• Establishment of Confederate Monuments
• Participate in re-enactments, parades, and provide civic support to community
• Classroom education

Confederate Graves

We have identified over 500 Confederate Veterans, from Privates to Colonels that are buried throughout Colorado. Many Confederate Veterans returned to Colorado or came West after the War for Southern Independence and contributed in many positive ways to our Colorado communities. Additionally, the Division has ordered and set 23 VA headstones for Confederate Veterans whose graves were previously unmarked.

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