How to Keep Your AC Running Longer

No one wants to call an AC repair company because their air conditioning unit isn’t cooling the home. Sadly, this will be a call that you’ll make quickly into the summer if your AC isn’t in the best condition. Preventative maintenance and upkeep throughout the year keep the ac repair conroe companies away. Here’s what you need to do to ensure your unit is always operating efficiently and at its best.

First, change the filters on your AC every month. Some filters can last for three months, but a general rule of thumb is changing them monthly. Clogged filters not only cause the AC to work harder to produce cool air, it also causes them to clog and malfunction. Filters are cheap to buy and easy to replace and certainly reduces the need for repair while prolonging the life expectancy of your unit.

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Keep all lamps and source of heat away from your thermostat. Many people fail to realize that this can damage their AC unit and cause it to work harder than necessary to cool the home. Avoid this issue. Use the ceiling fan in your dining area to help rotate the cool air through the home as well. Of course, you should keep the blinds closed when the sun is at its hottest.

You can extend the life of the AC by calling professionals when repairs are inevitable. You know, when fire came out of the unit, when the motor is damaged, and other major mishaps of the sort. The damage done to the air conditioner will not go away on its own and prolonging the professional repair only causes the issues to worsen. This means more headache and money to make the repair when the time comes along.