Abs and Core to Die For

benefits of squats

As we see pictures and photos on social media and on television and movies, the figure of the healthy and fit six-pack ab body is a goal many aspire to. Being lean in body fat, a revved-up metabolism, and a disciplined routine are all factors that come into play to achieve those abs. Furthermore, adding on specific workouts to specific muscle groups will maximize the benefits of the hours put in to the gym.

Core Maximization

Abs are just part of a group of muscle groups in the front of the body. When doing just about any kind of resistance-type exercise, most of the muscles are used in this area to enable the body to be stabilized during each repetition and set. No matter whether its pushups or more aggressive workouts like deadlifts, these muscle groups will feel sore for many days after.

The Heavier the Better

Adding weights and using dumb bells makes muscles require more energy for each repetition. As more energy is required, more calories will be burned. Burning more of these calories begins with the ones stored in the body itself and then proceeds to burn calories ingested after a meal. Therefore, having a balanced and low-calorie diet will result in a leaner body after consistent workouts.

Legs and Thighs Help Those Abs

A very beneficial workout is doing squats. The benefits of squats mustn’t be ignored since it’s a very easy workout to do and can be made more challenging by adding weights with a bar bell. Although it’s the thighs that appear to get the most workout, the lower abs and even arms also get worked out as well.

With more rigorous workouts and discipline to stay in to a routine, getting in shape can be achieved in time for the beach season.